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Research & Academics

Sharing knowledge – however little it may be – is important as it educates and motivates people, thus supporting them in achieving their goals. In my research I am looking for more efficient ways of giving feedback to mentees – while I am mostly invited to universities to talk about my entrepreneurial and product design experience. I also lead cross-disciplinary workshops.

A Man and a Woman working together

Doctoral studies

Design education • Psychology • Art

Competency development for designers – research aiming to streamline feedback between mentors and mentees in key competency areas

University Courses & Lectures

Innovative materials

2021 • MOME • lecturer and jury member

Course week course

This course introduced participating students with ideas and best practices to deal with cutting-edge new material technologies. Students had the opportunity to delve into the possibilities of innovative materials and develop concepts. In my lecture I focused on introducing main material categories and the most widespread application areas of such and best practices to decide what kinds of materials to use.

Designer Competency Development

2021 • MOME • Course leader

Course week course

Focusing on validating some of my doctoral theses, this one-week-long course offered participating students a quick overview and mentorship on their competency development. Each of the 11 students managed to find an area to improve their skills in. We then set up a personalized mini project in order to boost the aforementioned skills. The participants received a feedback radically different from the project-oriented feedback, and experienced competency-driven projects for study purposes.

Design Solfeggio

2016 • MOME • consultant

General foundation course

Design Solfeggio is the foundation course of MOME Design Institute – I was invited to participate as a mentor throughout this 8-week-long course, helping a group 8 students in solving the design challenges set up by their professors. It was a really interesting experience for me, and the students had good results in the end.

Walk on the Water

2014 • MOME • course leader

Course week course

This one-week-long project was focusing on designing a new public transport ship for Budapest. There were 4 teams, 5 people each, working on the designs. I helped with sharing the basics of ship design and a continuous support to teams throughout the design process. The winning design was realized as a scale model, and proposed to the city government and transportation authority.

University lectures


I was invited as guest lecturer in the topics of innovation management, entrepreneurship and applied innovative materials at NyME, BME and MOME.

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