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I contributed to meaningful innovation through over 50 projects, 1/3 of which were international with English as a working language. In these projects I worked with people from around the globe: Switzerland, USA, Japan, UK, Austria and more.


Industry record

The projects I was involved with spanned among 6 industries, giving a thorough overview on how design and innovation can lead to market success in different fields.


Competency record

Most of the projects were industrial design focused, however the approach I used were built around the interaction between the user and the product/service. 1/3 of all the projects included at least two of these competency areas.

Select projects

Zippsafe system


2017-2021 • Maform Kft (managing partner)

Strategic advisory and design services in product design, user experience design and marketing for fast growing Swiss startup.

Cinext lobby

Etele Cinema

2020-21 • Maform Kft (managing partner)

Service design for a new cinema franchise headquartered in Budapest.

Lift Hexa

Lift Aircraft Hexa

2018-20 • Maform Kft (managing partner)

Award-winning Industrial design, user interface design and branding for Texas-based air mobility startup making drone flight accessible for the public.

Yaw II squadrons

Yaw II

2020-21 •  Maform Kft (managing partner)

Industrial design for VR gaming chair raising $2.7 million on kickstarter – and shipping!

Aquila in operation

Diatron Aquila

2015-16 • Maform Kft (managing partner)

Award-winning industrial design and UI/UX design of an innovative hematology analyzer targeted for new markets

XBody Actiwear in use


Maform Kft (managing partner)

Award-winning industrial design of a wireless EMS fitness device sold as part of a fitness room franchise.

Timedrips water tap


2021 • Maform Kft (managing partner)

Agile industrial design and product development support for early-stage startup Timedrips.

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