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I strive to unleash the creative potential of people in order to achieve positive impact. In my leadership roles I focus on providing inconvenient yet accessible challenges to the team and take part and support others in achieving them. This way we can maximize learnings and results. 

Leadership Style

Lifting Others

Lifting Others

My goal is to maximize team performance through thoughtful guidance and authorizing members to the fullest extent. I believe in teamwork and the power of collective creativity, where everyone is equally respected and treated as an important part of the team.

Flexible Approach

Flexible Approach

My approach is goal-oriented yet flexible and always adapting to the circumstances. I believe it is important to dive deep and find the true purpose of an initiative. By finding these goals is it only possible to define challenges that guide us through execution.

Quantify and Redefine

Quantify and Redefine

Setting up quantifiable goals are just as important as constantly monitoring and redefining these goals, reflecting the changes in the project's environment. It is also important not to forget about qualitative factors and the people involved and affected.


Building a Design Firm

Maform • 2010-2022

In 2010, with Géza Csire co-founder we decided to go against the odds and create our own industrial design agency. We started working on own projects that could later be used as references for our industrial design service operation, or licenced to companies for manufacturing and distribution. My responsibility was building and growing the professional services operation.

Local engineering firm evopro group invested in the company in 2014. In the following years Maform grew into a design firm employing 12 people and an extensive network of external staff and suppliers, making it the biggest independent design firm in Hungary.

Maform was handed dozens of awards from the local and international design community, as well as some awards coming from quality management, innovation and employer branding areas.


Building the Design Community

Zsennye Workshops (2007-) 2014-

Zsennye Workshop was founded in 1978 and was the most impactful design summit of the Eastern block. Later in the '90s it transitioned into a students' workshop, and was redefined to be a professional event in the early 2000s. I joined the organizers in 2007, and became workshop leader in 2014. Since then the workshop was held on a biweekly basis as an international inspirational event for professional designers. Unfortunately, due to covid, the workshop was not held in the past 2 years, but will hopefully be resumed soon.

Nurturing Design Heritage Through Events

Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation • 2010-

I was invited to join the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation as a member of the organisation team of Zsennye Workshop. Since then I organised exhibitions and workshops as a curator, but primarily my role was to oversee the professional activities with regards to Zsennye Workshops.

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